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Intuitive Coaching and Guidance

What are you willing to

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What Is The Empath Accelerator?

The Empath Accelerator is a rare and dynamic accelerator that uses intuitive coaching and guidance to help build better entrepreneurs and employees. The focus is healing women by securing non-traditional healing modalities in areas of trauma and clearing generational patterns, with the objective of creating a fluid emotional landscape that supports the whole being in a space led and supported by other women. The abysmal statistics surrounding the quality of life that many women face, validates the value of this soul-centric approach. These limitations are pervasive in life, especially in the workplace and professional space, and require a customizable and flexible model for solving these persistent problems. 

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In these multi-day sessions, the cohort can explore the condition of their being-- without the fear of being invalidated or judged, which creates the vulnerability to consider emotions and spiritual components such as soul purpose, attraction point, and clear agreements. This knowledge allows them to be successful in both their pathway to business, thriving careers, and entrepreneurship. 

This distinctive accelerator promotes connection with the self and the higher being as a priority to prepare participants to show up more confidently in corporate culture as well as personal business pursuits.

In order to build the best cohort possible, we’ll be accepting applications and building the most energetically balanced group possible. 

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The Empath Accelerator

Our mission is to provide guidance in a relatable way; in a setting that supports black women and other non-black women of color during the current historical and turbulent sociocultural times.


This accelerator moves to empower rising professionals specifically in the industries of technology, sales, and advertising to enhance awareness of the invisible aspects women face while actively building up the undernourished elements of the employee in corporate culture.

What Is The Mission?

What Is Our Process?






Introducing the 5 necessary mindset shifts needed to achieve spiritual clarity. Using this specific framework for mindfulness, you will uncover why you need to prioritize yourself soulfully, understand the pathway to the union of the mind, body, and soul, and prepare for accessing your soul’s purpose. 

Revealing the invisible root causes to your pain, trauma, or circumstances.  The group sessions will provide a foundation for staying focused on what impacts and upholds your mental health. 

Supporting you through guided reflection and helping you to connect with your current spiritual themes, motivators, emotional triggers, and energetic roadblocks. In receiving intuitive guidance & coaching, you will notice a remarkable change in your emotional state, experience considerable healing of your emotional triggers, and generate a deep sense of clarity.

Providing flexible frameworks for creating more representative resumes, cover letters, and presentations that propel current work and future job growth. 

Cementing the art of clear communication, self-affirming narratives, and authentic public personas through supportive personal narrative coaching and public speaking.

Who Is Life of an Empath?

Women are innate fighters. This fighting spirit drives us powerfully through our struggle despite the obstacles the world throws in our path. In this fight, we often sacrifice the needs of our hearts, our true love, our creative passions, and even the yearnings of our souls. We make these sacrifices earnestly. In doing so, we lose components of our vital force and forget to honor ourselves. This belief is the spirit in which Life of an Empath was founded; to help women remember whom they came here to be and to remind them to look back at the young girl who dreamed of ruling the world. 


Life of Empath pairs unique mindset workshops with intuitive guidance offered by Tonesha Sylla to help those seeking spirituality or seeking to know themselves on a soul level. Through spirituality, all things can be considered; purpose, creative passions, ancestral trauma, identifying roadblocks, and exploring professional opportunities. 


The Empath Accelerator Coaching
The Empath Accelerator Coaching Course

What Is Intuitive Coaching?

Intuitive Coaching is a merging of universal guidance and a safe space for you to discover your highest potential. The willingness to be open to receiving and speaking freely without judgment will allow you to alter your perception of yourself and others. This ancient form of guidance empowers you to be a collector of questions in your spiritual journey. It offers you a tool-kit packed with manifestation power, more faith in yourself, and, most importantly, clarity. How else can we learn to makeover our souls, without a soul level perspective? 


When utilized fully, intuitive coaching can help you understand the many ways energetic roadblocks arise and prevent forward movement, emotional growth, and abundance in all areas of your life.

Intuitive Coaching at Life of an Empath will make it easier for you to accept your growth journey and realize deeper connection within; while providing the tools to shift your fear mindset. 

Tonesha Sylla is an intuitive, a natural-born empath, innately spiritual, Akashic Records Reader and author of Why Am I the Only Black Girl in the Shaman Room? She’s also the founder of Life of an Empath and the co-creator of The Empath Accelerator. 

For over seven years, Tonesha has coached other life/professional coaches, offered intuitive guidance to C-suite and independent contributors in Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 companies, while helping growth-stage entrepreneurs get clear, get focused, and get established.  Her roster of clients spans multiple industries and encompasses various company cultures.

The experience of working with Tonesha is one of discovering and awakening your essence intimately as well as following along with the sharing of her adventures into the seen and unseen, with others and in her own life. Learning is a spiritual practice, and Tonesha has found the balance of being both student and teacher. Her unique blend of accessible spirituality and empathy makes her a dynamic and likable master coach. 


Tonesha’s skills and service aren’t about looking into a crystal ball and telling you the future. Instead, she offers accurate insights, loving honesty, a safe space to confess your deepest fears, real-time guidance, and healing concerning your most private affairs. Tonesha is a loyal intuitive coach who roots for the underdog by providing approachable and humorous clarity.

Tonesha Sylla

Tonesha Sylla Life of an Empath
Grace Andrews The Empath Accelerator

Grace Andrews

Grace Andrews is an avid storyteller and entrepreneur. She has enthusiastically worked in technology for over a decade and brings a cross-cultural focus and experience managing, facilitating, and executing technical and entrepreneurial training around the globe. 


She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a focus in business in the emerging market economies and economic access for indigenous and native communities in Central and South America and Sub-Saharan Africa.  During the pursuit of this work, she was able to learn the value of culturally aligned practices and the value of empathy in business. 

Grace, a seasoned public speaker, has spoken on stages from Tedx to Amazon Web Services (AWS)  global conference re:Invent.  Her expertise ranges from digital anthropology to technical enablement, with a specialty in making technical concepts more applicable to any audience. She currently produces, records, and publishes Beyond Digital a technical podcast and accompanying

e-zine for Equinix, a digital infrastructure company. In her career as a solutions engineer/consultant and technical evangelist, Grace specializes in creating narrative-based collateral that bridges knowledge divides. 

During her career, Grace has created a speaking portfolio that emphasizes authenticity, vulnerability, and finding your voice in the workplace as a means of telling your personal story. She provides narrative coaching in multiple mediums. From professional presentations, job interviews to content creation and production. Her belief is that when we know who we are, we can add immediate value to not only our personal lives but also our professional outputs. 

Grace’s ability to create compelling narratives and facilitate authentic communication and content will be a cornerstone of the participants’ application of what they are learning from the accelerator.

What Is Narrative Coaching?

Narrative coaching is about understanding your personal story and how it fits into your greater narrative. The purpose of this kind of coaching is to learn how our histories and experiences show up and how we can use them as tools for personal and professional growth.


From job interviews, cover letters, and resumes to presentations and speaking engagements, being able to command the story you tell is about clarity, awareness, vulnerability, and artistry. Talking about ourselves is challenging yet necessary in our everyday lives. Only you know your story, and it deserves to be heard. 

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